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Unethical Life Hacks You Will Probably Use After Reading This

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

When we’re young, we hear a lot of talk about being truthful and about how cheaters never win.

But is that really true?

What is it about our human nature that even young children will try and get away with trickery and cheating, from the smallest moves in board games to bigger lies and hacks? While our morality teaches us to condemn such cheating, sometimes we can’t help but applaud someone who is innately clever.

As we grow older, we learn where and when it’s okay to cut corners. These “life hacks” are just simple tricks and truths that save us time, money, and effort, and more often than not, there are no victims or hard feelings.

The pro-tips may not be the most ethical hacks on the planet, technically speaking, but nor are they criminal or harmful… for the most part. Wink wink. So work smarter and not harder, and keep on reading these useful tips!

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