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People Share the Weirdest Body Features That They Never Want Others to Find Out About

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What's there to hide?

We’ve all got that one thing that we don’t like to show off. Whether it be an extra toe or a weird-looking skin tag that looks like Homer Simpson on your back, plenty of us have a physical oddity that we’re not particularly proud of. Sometimes out of shame and sometimes out of consideration for others being freaked out, we keep them hidden from even our closest friends and family members.

How bad can it really be, though? Are these little features going to ruin your life if people find out about them? Shouldn’t we be comfortable in our own skin?

At least for the folks in the following gallery, they’ve taken their first steps in publicly acknowledging their “special traits” that would otherwise go undetected. What’s interesting is that what may seem like a big deal to you may be a laughably minuscule feature to someone else… or maybe it’s best they just keep their shoes on while at the beach…

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How bad can it really be?