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UPS Worker Returns Lost Package to Veteran's Son

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Lost and Found

Are the days of snail mail limited?

I certainly hope not. There is something incomparably romantic about sending and receiving mail. Even in a world where I can send the same message to a friend halfway around the globe in less than a second, I send out certain cards, pictures, and well-wishes with the old pen-and-paper approach we’ve been using for centuries.

Nothing beats the feeling of elation when you come home to find something unexpected waiting for you in the mail, especially when it’s not a package you drunkenly ordered on Amazon a day or two before. Mail is important, not only because of the element of surprise, but because of the intimacy that goes into writing, sending, and shipping a letter/present via the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or the like.

But of course, this time-honored tradition of physical mail has one downside: Lost items. Many of us have seen the dreaded ‘return to sender’ pop up in our mailbox (I hope it wasn’t time-sensitive or a bill!). The worst scenario of all is when a package never reaches its destination.

Thankfully, one UPS store owner takes his job much more seriously than many in his profession might. When a box of veritable treasures from a late U.S. Navy veteran ended up lost in his store, he went to great lengths to return it to its rightful recipient, the dead veteran’s son.

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Source: flickr/Paul Sullivan; Tim Burchell/Star Tribune

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