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This Hero Sent Her Senator a Pizza When His Office Wouldn’t Answer

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Power to the Pizza

One of the pillars of our democracy is that our local and state representatives work for us: The People. When something is rotten in Denmark, it’s our duty to let our rep know because ultimately they vote to change it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or on in the penthouse of a giant, solid gold, monolithic New York skyscraper), you’ve probably noticed a lot of people aren’t too happy with President Trump’s cabinet picks.

Betsy DeVos in particular, the billionaire who will be handed the keys to the public educationmobile, has sparked arguably the largest outrage yet. Letters, phone calls, and emails were flooding the offices of senators urging them to not allow the inept DeVos to flush our education system down a very expensive, privatized toilet. When Julia Silge, a concerned citizen of Utah, could not get through to her senator’s office due to the overflow- she got creative…

Betsy DeVos

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Find out how she got through