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Don’t Say Velcro: Velcro Is Very Upset With Everyone Using Their Word

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Stop ripping them off

Some name-brand products are so good and well-known that its name sticks in consumers’ brains, leading them to call even the product’s imitators by the original product’s name. For example: Do you say “adhesive bandage” or “Band-Aid”? “Cotton swab” or “Q-tip”? “Kleenex” or “tissue”? This phenomenon, known as genericide, has been a branding killer to several companies.

These brands’ popular products have been so ubiquitous in our lives that we don’t even think about the fact that we really aren’t using Post-Its when we pick up the CVS brand version. Sadly though, it’s nearly impossible to change an entire society’s lexicon; a fact that Velcro is quite… upset about. They made a music video to help us understand why they are so upset too.

velcro video screenshot

Source: YouTube/VELCRO® Brand