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Watch the Moment Two Women Agree to Sell Their Kids for Child Prostitution Seconds Before Cops Burst In

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This footage will make your stomach churn

Western countries look at Southeast Asia as a land with beautiful natural vistas, exotic foods to sample, and where you can probably get anything that you want when it comes to adult entertainment without anyone ever having to know.

The sex trade is thriving in this heavily impoverished part of the world as tourists flock to the area specifically to fulfill whatever salacious desire they may have. A 2014 study into sex trafficking conducted by the International Justice Mission UK concluded with the following:

“Before the internet, customers had to physically go to a bar or brothel to purchase sex. [The current situation] differs from ‘traditional’ sex trafficking cases IJM has handled in the Philippines, in which only 1 out of 307 victims was younger than 10, and the median age is 16.3 years old. In IJM’s first 20 cases of cybersex trafficking, 54% of the victims have been 12 years old or younger. Cybersex trafficking also has a higher proportion of male victims than traditional trafficking.”

Two of the people selling children were taken down in this emotionally-distressing investigation, but they’re just two of thousands.

woman shocked during investigation

Credit: BBC

American and Australian tourists are the ones funding this insidious business