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Babes Behind Bars: History’s Foxiest Female Outlaws

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And you thought crime was a man's game...

We’re all used to seeing mugshots nowadays. Celebrity mugshots and the “scared off drugs” mugshots are all popular headlines on the Internet, but mugshots are nothing new. One artist found himself captivated by vintage mugshots and has devoted his time to collecting thousands of them from the early 20th Century. The result is a collection of faces and crimes of years past.

Because of the huge gap between male and female incarceration rates in the U.S., the number of men in jail is about ten times higher than the number of women. This would explain why we often imagine prisoners from any era as being men, but women have certainly gotten into some illegal dealings over the years. The artist, Mike Michaelson, has collected shots of women who were booked for everything from petty theft to prostitution to their part in gangs of murderous criminals.

The stories that they tell are fascinating to say the least. See the mugshots!

Brunette Woman Mugshot 1944

Source: Flickr @Mike Michaelson