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Rare Cancer Transformed Teenagers Face And Now She’s Embracing Her Unique Look

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Her different-looking face is just one aspect of her

Western culture is shifting. Once, we valued only those who looked perfect and fit in to a mold that society put on a pedestal. While that’s still sometimes true these days, many people are beginning to value those who are proud of who they are, above those who strive hard to fit the mold. The waif-thin model of old is being slowly (but surely) replaced by people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and dimensions. It’s not uncommon to see models with rare skin conditions or facial differences gracing the pages of high-end magazines now.

North Carolina-native Emily Jensen is a typical teenage vlogger talking about makeup styles and crazy hair dye colors on YouTube, but there is something that sets her apart from her peers. Though people sometimes stare at her with curiosity while she walks down the street, she’s quite proud that her unique look turns heads.

emily jensen red shirt

Source: Instagram @emilyjensenn