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Wendy’s Vintage Musical Training Videos Are Lit AF

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It’s no secret that the internet loves to cringe. We found out soon after we gained the ability to send videos back and forth that what we really want to see is untrained actors and the awkwardly over-eager. A good cringe comes from a mix of embarrassment and empathy — it’s all about wondering how they could have thought the finished product was okay with an acknowledgement that this easily could have been us had someone thought to film us at our least self-aware moments.

There are entire offramps of the information superhighway dedicated to wincing along with cheesy and dated workplace videos (NOTE: “information superhighway” is a good indicator of a cringe clip). So, when word got around that Wendy’s had a whole series of musical training videos from the ‘80s, cringe connoisseurs had to be chomping at the bit to see them.

But then something strange happened. While the graphics and direction were delightfully old-school, the songs were actually catchy and well-made. The internet came to cringe and wound up dancing along.

The videos walked and shuffled new employees through everything from serving cold and hot drinks to giving out chili with cheese. There’s an extended 16-minute long video where a Grandmaster Flash-style character in a bedazzled Wendy’s uniform raps about the proper way to grill the company’s square beef patties. It all really happened, and it’s glorious.

wendys training video

Credit: Wendy's via Youtube @Chuck Drake