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Ways to Cheat That Are 100% Legal but People Will Hate You for Anyway

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Well That's Not Cool...

Let’s be honest with ourselves. When we’re young, the minute we learn how to play a board game or sport, we immediately try to find ways around the rules. It’s human nature to want to find the easiest way to achieve something (aka being lazy). Rules are set in life to attempt to keep things fair and interesting for both sides but sometimes, even the rules are a little ridiculous.

Gamers and athletes got together on Reddit to discuss some outlandish rules that are allowed in sports and video games… even if whoever you’re playing will think you’re a complete asshole if you choose to follow them.

Hand of referee with yellow card and whistle in the soccer stadium. Image ID:155025644 Copyright: Gines Romero

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Have you ever done one of these?