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We Need to Talk About Mr. Clean

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Branding Has Gone Too Far

One of the smartest things a company can do is put a face to a brand.

For Procter & Gamble’s world-famous cleaning product Mr. Clean, this came in the form of an eponymous mascot, the half-genie, half-sailor, Mr. Clean himself.

First introduced in the late 50s, households around the world have intimately known Mr. Clean for decades, largely thanks to great advertising and a darn catchy jingle. But has the mascot evolved in all the wrong ways over the years? While the cleaning solution itself has been rebranded as better and stronger, did Mr. Clean himself have to follow suit?

As traditional animation becomes increasingly replaced by computer animation, artists and companies have more options than ever before to bring their ideas to life. But after Mr. Clean’s big appearance during the Super Bowl, we’re left wondering if we’re seeing too much of his bald head and bulging…um… muscles.

mr clean super bowl commercial tweet

Source: YouTube/ Twitter @Mr. Clean

People can't handle hot Mr. Clean