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Hometown Traditions People Didn’t Realize Weren’t Normal Until They Moved Away

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We're not in Kansas anymore...

There’s no place like home.

Whether or not you had a good childhood, got out of your town as fast as possible, or never plan on leaving, much of your life and many of your memories are bound to be based on that place you once, even briefly, called home.

While some of us grow up in big cities or incredibly rural areas with varying senses of community, there is instilled in all of us in the United States the sense of the idyllic “small town,” that place with tree-lined streets, white picket fences, large green yards, and corner drugstores. Both stereotyped and parodied in film and television, this concept of small-town America is still very real and present in many spheres of politics and culture today.

Small towns are special for a number of reasons, but one of them is all of the quirky and wonderful traditions that bring the community together and make the town unique. The only thing is, if you spend your whole life in one place, you may start to take those traditions for granted or even begin to think that they’re the same everywhere else.

These Redditors sure were in for a surprise when they left home only to realize that their hometowns were not like everyone else’s…

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