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Weird Things You Did in 2007 That You Totally Forgot About

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Time Flies

Looking through old pictures online or *gasp* in physical photo albums can bring back great memories, but it can also be an unwanted reminder of all the questionable and terrible choices we made when we were young.

Even if what you were doing at the time seemed totally normal and even cool, you know that the changing trends over time will have you look back in shame or downright confusion as you begin to ask yourself why you ever dressed/acted/spoke/walked/existed the way you did. But hey, that’s life.

For many of us that came of age during the 2000s, it’s hard to believe that 2007 was already ten years ago. That’s right: It’s been an entire decade since those hazy, innocent days… back when life seemed somewhat carefree, Bush was still president, and Myspace was still popular.

Well we love some good, old-fashioned, cringeworthy nostalgia, so let’s take a trip back to yesteryear to relive all those things we did it 2007 that we’ve totally forgotten about— or wish we could!

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We were all guilty of this...