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Fess Up: What Are You Attracted to but Ashamed to Admit?

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Everybody has something

Think about something you like.

Sure, it could be chocolate or flowers, but it could also be dirty movies or watching people suffer. We humans are a weird and varied bunch.

There are many things we enjoy in this life that we might keep to ourselves for one reason or another. Maybe it’s because we have a crush on our best friend’s significant other—or on our best friend. Maybe it’s because a secret indulgence is so much better when kept a secret. Or maybe it’s because you know there’s something wrong with you for being turned on by whatever it is you Google in Incognito Mode. None of us are perfect.

People were asked to admit what they’re shamefully attracted to, and their answers are truly revealing. But would your confessions make theirs look innocent?

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Source: Public Domain Pictures/ Reddit

What are you secretly attracted to?