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Let’s Be Honest: What Happens When ‘Doing It’ IRL That Doesn’t Happen in the Movies

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Gettin' Down and Dirty

Making love. Doing it. Intercourse. Afternoon delight. Act of darkness. Belly-bumping. Tiffing. Tonking. Shagging. Dancing in the sheets. Doing the horizontal greased-weasel tango.

Whatever you call it, getting it on is much more than just a part of life: it’s completely essential to it. Yet despite its importance in continuing to grow and sustain our race, the pants-off dance off is an extremely taboo subject around the world.

Of course, with the growth of the adult film industry, as well as the inclusion of more inappropriate situations in humors in film, paddling up Coochie Creek has been much more present in media (and on our computers) than ever before. Sadly, this hasn’t helped the cause for all those people who promote free love, and it’s all for one major reason:

Releasing the Kraken and riding the Bony Express just isn’t as glamorous in real life as it is in the movies. The adult film industry has been under fire in the past for its violent and sexist depictions of what lovemaking looks like, especially from groups that worry what message that sends out for viewers. But how about the fact that in so many videos, it’s all smiles and easy without any of the mess or discomfort that sexy time typically consists of?

So, what happens in REAL life that doesn’t happen in the movies? You’re in for a treat.

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It's called getting down and dirty for a reason...