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What Really Happens When Your XXX Pictures Are Leaked

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When your private parts go public.

We’ve all done it.

Well, maybe not everyone. But according to 2014 data, almost half of all sexually active American men and women ages 18 to 34 have sent a naked picture. Though men do it more, the women interviewed weren’t far behind.

Whether solicited or not, so-called “nudes” or “nudies” have been a standard practice of the younger generation for years, and as private and portable tech becomes even more commonplace, so do the scandalous photographs.

Of course, even when we send these in confidence, chances are other people will see them. A surprising number of young people who engage in the practice admitted that they share the pictures with others upon receiving them. Before you know it, your most intimate photos could be all over the place.

We’ve heard of the nude photo scandals both from celebrities and everyday teenagers alike, but what happens once these pictures are out of your control? These are the real stories of people who had their nude pictures leaked without their consent.

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This is what really happens