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When Your Partner Steals the Sheets and Other Sleep Problems Couples Face

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The wrong side of the bed

Do you share a bed with your partner? Or have you ever spent the night cuddling with a friend or fling?

While the idea of sleeping with someone you love is wholly romantic and satisfying, the reality is often somewhat less ideal. Picture a big, comfy bed that you have all to yourself, then split it in two. Add in noises, motion, and odors, give or take different preferences in position, temperatures, and schedules, and suddenly that big, comfy bed doesn’t seem so great.

A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy life, as well as to a happy relationship. Yet sometimes, the only ‘night terror’ is your bedmate.

Yes, we love the people we share a bed with, but that doesn’t mean we love their sleeping habits. Now, there’s a way to fix it. Here are some simple solutions to even the most aggravating cons of sleeping with your partner.

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Don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed