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People Are Trying to Guess What Trump’s First Tantrum Will Be About

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Ticking Time Bomb

Is Donald Trump always angry?

While we’re not sure what happened in the president-elect’s earlier life to make him so ornery towards so many, especially those different than him, here we are.

Sure, he may tap into his ’90s/2000s celeb persona from time to time, and that seems all fine and dandy until we remember the disturbing womanizing and assault charges that come along with that. Unfortunately, four years in the presidency does not seem a likely way to improve his character.

Since he announced his presidential bid over 15 months ago, we have seen him break down time and again—whether in a debate or on Twitter—over seemingly minuscule things. Once he takes his oath and gets into the Oval Office, how is he going to hold up?

Luckily, people keep trying to predict what President Trump’s first tantrum will be about, and their guesses are hilarious.

trump tantrum no crown tweet

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images/ Twitter @theclobra

Which one of these will set Trump off first?