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What Would You Do If You Could Relive Your Childhood Knowing Everything You Know Now?

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A blast from the past

A second chance. Who hasn’t dreamt about having a second chance at least once in their life?

As the years go by, it’s only natural to look back on the time gone by and remember our younger years fondly. Was your childhood a happy time that you’d want to relive? Or are you perfectly content with your current age, situation, and future?

For many, a chance to redo their mistakes, go back to spend time with loved ones, or even just to enjoy the innocence of youth all over again is a tempting dream. So what if you really could do it?

Better yet: What if you could relive your childhood but with the full memories of your adult life until now, knowing everything you already know?

People were asked what they’d do in this movie plot of a scenario, and it might just make you wish you could time travel…

tom hanks big keyboard scene

Source: 20th Century Fox

What would you do differently?