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This ‘The Nanny’ Instagram Will Make You Miss The ’90s

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What more could you want from a fan Instagram?

So, our love for 90’s TV and our love for 90’s fashion have finally reached their peak in one of the best fandom fueled Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen. A woman named Shanae Brown (who might be an actual Instagram genius) created @whatfranwore earlier this year and people are obsessed! The account focuses on identifying the designers, years, and collections all of the outfits worn by Fran Fine, Fran Drescher’s character from her classic 90’s sitcom, The Nanny.

This is internet nostalgia at its very best. Take a look!

Fran Fine Outfit Collage

Credit: Sony Pictures Television via Instagram @whatfranwore

Have you always wondered what Fran wore? You're in luck!