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15 New and Improved Names for Some of Our Favorite Animals

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When the internet names animals...

A lot of things don’t make sense in this world, but words, at least in their original sense, *almost* always do.

Luckily we have dictionaries and etymologies to explain these small but crucial words, terms, and expressions to us, especially when they seem totally odd and out of place.

Some of the most bizarre words in the English language probably confuse us so much because they are loan words from other languages. Aside from things like geography and food, perhaps nowhere is this more common than in zoology and the animal kingdom, with many animal names being taken from other languages— mostly from the countries these animals are native to.

But what if we replaced these complicated words with names that just made more sense?

snake danger noodle

Source: Imgur/CatsAgainstHumanity

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