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White After Labor Day? The Reason Women Are Wearing White to Vote

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What will you wear to vote?

Election Day is finally here.

Every four years, Americans have the privilege and choice to descend upon the voting booths to participate in a right that so many have fought for for thousands of years, a right still denied to many in 2016.

While finding time during your day to vote, the last thing on your mind might be your choice of outfit. I personally rolled out of bed and walked down to the polls in my pajamas this morning; many people there seemed to be in a similar state of early morning, pre-coffee attire.

And yet around the country and across the web, you’re guaranteed to see a popular choice of color donned by voters today: white.

No, this is no mere coincidence. Instead, it is a movement, and indeed a way to pay homage, begun over a hundred years ago and, perhaps for the first time in American history, culminating this week.

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Here's why people are wearing white to vote