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Australia May Have Just Delayed Marriage Equality for Years to Come… But the LGBTI Community Is OK With It

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A step forward via a step back

You’ve probably heard a lot about same-sex marriage over the past couple years.

Depending on your lifestyle, friends, family, and even your career, the legality of same-sex marriage might be a thought or dilemma that crosses your mind every day, or it could be something you feel doesn’t affect your life in the least.

Though it’s still a highly contentious subject across the world, marriage equality was written into law in the Netherlands in 2001, and since then, similar laws have been passed to legalize it in nearly two dozen more countries. Polls and popular opinion indicate that more countries will soon support gay marriage either federally or regionally, but the continents of Africa and Asia are still lacking any such legislation or indications.

One country that’s usually quick to support and adopt liberal trends is Australia, and yet the island nation still hasn’t approved any of the 21 bills related to gay marriage that have been introduced in parliament over the years.

Although Australian citizens were preparing for a nationwide plebiscite in February which would have let them determine the legality of gay marriage in their country, the vote was cancelled by parliament this week. Even though this means gay marriage could be postponed in the country for years to come, the LGBT community and their allies are happy about it.

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Here's why the delay is a good thing