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The Terrifying Reason Why Every Parent Should Be Certified in CPR Training

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That was a close one!

While there are plenty of books and videos on how to be a parent, there is no manual on how to be a perfect one. You can read as much as you want, but ultimately, it’s your decision what pieces of advice you will either follow or ignore when raising a child.

Will you be the type of parent that only lets them eat vegetables and fruits for a year before introducing them to sugar? Will you teach them how to swim before they turn 12 months or wait until they are four or five years? Will you allow them to sit in the front seat before they’re 13 years old? It’s all up to you.

This video shows how important it is for not only lifeguards, baby sitters, and teachers, but parents to be certified in CPR and choking training.

Child choking on food during show

Source: Daily Mail

See the harrowing video!