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Plug And Chug! Wine Glass Attaches to the Bottle Because WINE!

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You'll only need one glass from now on

More and more Americans love wine. What has been a staple for centuries in many European companies has finally caught on with the masses here in the US. For the last few decades, fine wine was relegated to gourmands who have expendable incomes. But recently there has been a HUGE surge of American wineries producing affordable, world-class wines.

Of course with wine bottles you’ll need an opener, which is big business for some companies targeting people who don’t know how to use a standard opener for some reason: Some even cost over $30!. The wine crazy is also a money maker for glass companies, who can sell many variations of different wine glasses to the connoisseur.

But for us plebs, there comes an even more ingenious way to get that sweet berry wine into our systems. Men and women who truly LOVE their wine need this new invention that’s so stupidly simple that it’s amazing that no one has thought of it before.


Credit: Concept Photo/Shutterstock

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