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After 20-Hour Layover, Woman Blames United Airlines for Dog’s Death

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How Could This Happen?

Ask anyone who works at an airport and they will tell you the truth: Flying commercial is far worse for your pet than it is for you. Oftentimes your dog or cat is left outside for extended periods of time in cargo staging areas, and when you consider outside temperatures, this can be brutal on your beloved pet.

Unfortunately for Portland, OR resident Kathleen Considine, flying her seven-year-old dog from Detroit to Portland ended in tragedy. The saddest part is that it could have easily been avoided…

As a musician, I’ve traveled with instruments many times and heard horror stories about guitars being broken with little to no remorse or compensation by the airline. The way in which Kathleen’s case was handled is especially sad because it sounds like United Airlines treated her golden retriever like a piece of lost luggage. Now she’s taken to the media to call out United for their negligence and is petitioning for a massive change in policy across all airlines.

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How could United deny responsibility?