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Woman Bullied for Her Amazingly Dark Skin Becomes a Model

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She's hotter than the haters

I’m quite partial to the look of the Senegalese, who often have big eyes and even bigger smiles and pristine, airbrushed looking skin. Yeah, it’s mostly jealousy.

Khoudia Diop lives in France, was born in Brooklyn, and is of Senegalese descent. And she has some of the darkest skin you will ever lay eyes upon. Since most of the world prizes lighter skin—with skin whitening products making BILLIONS of people’s desire to look more Caucasian—it’s pretty obvious that Khoudia would be teased as a child because of it.

But this gorgeous lady is showing up her tormentors and is being embraced for what other deem ugly.

selfie of model khousia diop

Source: Instagram @melaniin.goddess

Her skin is unbelievable!