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Woman Horrified to Discover Fetus She Aborted Fifteen YEARS Ago Still in Her Abdomen (Details Inside)

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*Warning: Disturbing Images Ahead*

It’s a rare condition, but it has been reported throughout medical history. Lithopedion or “stone babies” are created when the fetus of a pregnant woman — usually a woman over the age of 40 — begins growing outside of the womb in the abdomen. The fetus passes away due to a lack of blood or food supply, and the body can’t naturally expel the fetus through the birth canal due to its abnormal positioning. To stave off infection from the decaying fetus, the body slowly calcifies it, removing the dead tissue and replacing it with hard cells. The fetus becomes hard like a stone and will continue to accrue layers of hard calcium over the months or years.

A woman in India claimed to be carrying a stone baby for over a decade, and she had no idea it was inside of her.

dead fetus x-ray

Credit: Dr Nilesh Junankar/Cover Asia Press via DailyMail