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Girl Hilariously Tweeted at Terry Crews To Use His Image On Her Debit Card

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She won't be overspending anymore

Terry Crews has been cast as the muscular, intimidating-looking guy with a goofy side and a heart of gold since his first role on a TV show in 1999. His breakout role as Damon in Friday After Next in 2002 catapulted him to stardom, and he’s enjoyed a rewarding career ever since. He’s also known to his fans as a very humble and congenial person who loves to keep in touch with them through social media.

One young lady got special attention from the busy actor when she needed his explicit permission to use his image for a specific reason. Though most of us would probably never even think of asking, she wanted to have Terry staring back at her from her wallet every day. Now I’m feeling inspired…

terry crews intensity level shirt

Source: Facebook/Terry Crews