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21-Year-Old Kicked Off of Spirit Flight for Showing Too Much Skin?

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Add tatas to the banned list, I guess?

In case you needed more proof that the world has completely gone off the rails, I’ve got it for you. A young woman is claiming that she was kicked off of her flight last week and all because she was showing too much skin.

When Brenda, a 21-year-old Florida resident, boarded a flight back home to Fort Lauderdale, she had no idea that she was to become the center of controversy. It’s a bit unclear exactly what went down, but the story ends with Brenda and another passenger being removed from the plane before it took off from New Orleans.

So, how did they get there? Well, Spirit and Brenda have different stories to tell…

Passengers in Airplane Cabin Image

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Just when you thought they'd already banned everything from airplanes...