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She Tried Lying About Cancer on Facebook Until One Friend Shut Her Down With an Epic Comeback

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Now THAT burns!

Chances are over the past two years you’ve heard about “fake news” just about everywhere you turn.

From the news to social media to our very own friends and family, fake news is rampant, and whether or not it’s intentional (based on your source), it’s still doing harm. One of the dangers of being connected to the internet at any second is that we rush to read a headline and jump to conclusions, or we read a line of what someone has posted and then fill in the blanks for ourselves. This is not how news should be disseminated or understood, but it is how we live today, always in a rush, always sharing and accepting the first thing we hear that sounds plausible and acceptable to us.

Even though we keep hearing about how news stations and websites can’t be trusted, one of the worst places for the proliferation of fake news is on social media. Whether from friends or seemingly accredited sources, the best weapon we have to fight this is our own common sense, or at least the effort that goes into reading an entire article and double checking any sources, data, and claims before accepting it as fact.

We all know how those pesky friends from high school can be on social media, but when one woman tried spread lies about cancer, her Facebook friend was NOT having it. Read her epic clapback.

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Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock; Facebook via Imgur/JessieKer