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Woman Takes Selfies With All of the Ignorant Men Who Cat-Call Her

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A Wall of Cat-callers

My favorite t-shirt is a tank top that says “Cats Against Catcalls.” It’s a passive way to show my rage against strange men shouting at women in public. The reason I am not more proactive is because it’s potentially dangerous to acknowledge a guy who is yelling “Sexy” or “Ooooh, lemme get your number, baby.” If you talk back, these men — who have no respect for women or their privacy — could get angry, follow you, curse you out, or even worse.

It is so bad that many feminist groups are making anti-calling one of their major causes. Women are just people walking down the street, minding their own business; they don’t need someone to make them feel like a piece of meat. Women have feelings, and one catcall could ruin their day.

Aside from that… Has any guy ever gotten laid after making kissy noises at a passing woman?

Bolder women have their own defensive mechanisms, but a woman in the Netherlands, Noa Jansma, probably has the most inventive thus far. Her unique way to shame catcallers? Take selfies with them and post it online.

nooa jansma selfie with catcallers

Source: Instagram @dearcatcallers