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The Terrifying Moment a Woman Uses Her BABY as a Weapon During a Street Fight

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Baby Driver

The internet is filled with strange, glorious, and awful things.

Perhaps one of the oddest—though most natural—trends we’ve seen over the past 30 years is how the growth of the internet and its accessibility in the furthest reaches of the world have brought about an egotistical revolution that’s all about “me.” As Time magazine’s 2006 person of the year clearly showed, the internet swiftly became more than just a way of storing and sharing information, it became about us and our contributions to it.

Unfortunately, that also includes all the gritty, disturbing, and shocking things that can also go viral. This week, a truly bizarre video of a woman using her child as a weapon is making waves on the internet. We still can’t believe what we’re seeing!

woman uses child weapon fight

Source: LiveLeak/MilitaryVideos