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Internet Sleuths Expertly Shame Woman Who Claimed She Was Stabbed With a Needle at a Bar

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Her warning wasn't taken very well

An unidentified woman hopped on social media, claiming that she lived out an urban legend after she was struck with a heroin needle while out on the town. Her pleas to be as safe as possible fell on deaf ears. Some started saying that her story couldn’t be true, as there were some aspects of the attack that just didn’t add up.

“I was drugged downtown last night. Not in the traditionally expected ‘someone put something in my drink’ way, either,” wrote an unidentified woman from Anchorage, AK on Facebook. “I felt a sharp pain in my leg while on the dance floor with a few friends, and looked down to discover a needle hanging out of it. I still am not sure exactly who did it or WHY, but after a visit to a doctor & a urine sample, we discovered it was heroin.”

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