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Woman’s Post Goes Viral After Frightening Encounter in Parking Lot

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Better safe than sorry

The world can be a scary place.

While we hate to scare anyone unnecessarily, some stories are absolutely worth mentioning, especially when they go as viral as this one.

What is it about being alone that makes us feel so afraid? I don’t mean single, necessarily, but by yourself in a new or even in a very familiar place. There is something inherently irksome about loneliness. We all know what it’s like to be alone and then start hearing creepy sounds or feel like someone is watching us.

For one teenager from Michigan, this feeling of paranoia became all too real when she found herself alone in a mall parking lot after leaving work. Luckily, her story went viral and could be saving the lives of dozens or more.

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Source: Facebook @Ashley Hardacre

Don't let this happen to you