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People Share the Worst Meal They’ve Ever Been Served in Someone Else’s House

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Food is one of the single most important aspects of cultures around the world.

It’s what brings us together with our families, friends, and communities. Even when language barriers exist, gastronomy is a common tongue that we can share and learn from. And last but not least, we need it to survive.

Of course, not all food is created equal, and much of that has to do with who’s cooking it. For those of us with regular access to healthy food and balanced portion sizes, it’s easy to be accustomed to what we do and don’t like, and even how we want it prepared. The pickier we get, the easier it is to be turned off when certain things are put on a plate in front of us.

The people of Reddit were asked to share their stories of the worst and weirdest dishes and combinations ever served to them at someone else’s house, and their tales might just make you content to cook for yourself tonight.

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Credit: senk/Shutterstock; Reddit