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NOT WebMD: Doctors Reveal the Worst Self-Diagnoses Patients Have Given Themselves

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Web M.DON'T do it!

Since the popularization of medical databases like WebMD, people have grown accustomed to checking their symptoms online before consulting an actual doctor. While these kinds of sources can be helpful, they can also be pretty misleading – especially for hypochondriacs. If you’ve ever used the site, you’ve probably noticed that a simple search involving a sore throat can lead to WebMD telling you that you’re probably on the brink of death. It’s extreme, but hey ― sometimes people who are actually dying have a sore throat, so it is technically accurate. This is why it’s always best to talk to an actual medical professional.

As you can imagine, some people out there may not be as critical as others and as soon as WebMD tells them that their child’s pinkeye is some infection of brain-eating amoebas, they’re going to assume the worst.

The following stories come from real doctors and medical professionals who deal with “self-diagnosed” patients on a daily basis… and they’re rarely correct. It turns out that doctors don’t spend a decade in medical school for nothing.

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