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Yale Just Did Something Completely Unprecedented for Hillary Clinton

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Reading between the lines.

So far, this election has been filled with unprecedented events, largely thanks to the candidates themselves as well as Trump’s often unorthodox, but influential, campaign.

If you’ve been following the news, chances are you’ve heard Donald complaining that a heavily biased media is unfairly supporting Hillary in spite of the allegations he and others have made against her. And when you look at the numbers, it’s not surprising to see why he’s so upset.

To date, a total of 316 daily, weekly, and collegiate magazines and newspapers have endorsed Hillary Clinton, while only six—that’s right—have endorsed Donald Trump. Do you think the problem is with the media or with Trump himself?

Though it may look like she takes the cake when it comes to endorsements, a student newspaper at Yale, where Hillary went to law school, just released a statement explaining why they refuse to endorse her.

But is there more to it than meets the eye?

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Here's what the paper said...