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These Terrifying Pictures Are Triggering Trypophobia Sufferers

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What Is Trypophobia?

Few fears on this planet remain more mysterious than trypophobia, the heavily debated fear of small holes or clusters.

Although thousands of people have claimed to suffer from this condition—myself included—the American Psychiatric Association has declined to recognize this pathological fear as reality. Some scientists have tried studying the purported phobia, arguing that it has to do with a learned evolutionary fear of holes as representing danger, usually because harmful things could be living inside them. Furthermore, clusters or holes in or on the skin are typically associated with disease and death.

People who claim to suffer from trypophobia report feeling fear, panic, general discomfort, and outright revulsion when exposed to small holes or items that evoke such imagery.

So, do you have trypophobia? We dare you to try making it through our gallery without feeling your skin crawl.

Warning: the following pages contain some disturbing images

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