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Youth Bowling Champ Gets Disqualified AFTER He Won Because He Wore…

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The devil is in the details

If you’ve ever coached a kids team or helped plan/run an event made specifically for kids, you know that sometimes the biggest obstacle is the parents.

It’s hard to do anything with children today, from school to extracurricular activities and more, without parents giving their two-cents on a matter. And why shouldn’t they? It’s their kid, after all. But at what point do parents become a bigger problem- causing more distraction than support system?

As it turns out, it happens pretty often.

Seven-year-old Grayson Powell and his youth bowling team learned that the hard way earlier this week when their first-place tournament medals were taken away after a dispute seemingly caused by the parents. And it all had to do with their uniform.

Have we gone too far?

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Source: Twitter @sjmorningshow; Pexels

Or did Grayson's parents know more than they're admitting?