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10 Gassy Facts About Whoopee Cushions

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Did I Do That?

What is it about flatulence and all jokes surrounding it that people just can’t get enough of? It’s funny when we’re little kids, and then suddenly you grow up and realize it’s still hilarious. Has it always been this way?

It seems so. Fart jokes in literature date back to at least the 5th century BC. One of my favorite anecdotes comes from Elizabethan England. It is said that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford—and favorite alternative author of Shakespeare’s works—was once bowing to the Queen when he accidentally passed wind. So ashamed was the Earl that he fled England for nearly a decade. Upon returning to court, Queen Elizabeth exclaimed, “My Lord, I had forgot the Fart.”

Thankfully for those of us who just can’t get enough, we have the whoopee cushion, perhaps the oldest practical joke in the book. Everyone’s familiar with this small, classic prank, but how much do you know about them, really?

whoopee cushion front side

Source: flickr

Excuse yourself and read these bloated facts!

It Was Just an Accident!

whoopee cushion original


Much like the noise it causes, the whoopee cushion itself was invented by happenstance!

As it so happens, the whoopee cushion was invented by factory workers who were playing around with scrap rubber. LITERAL PROOF THAT NO IDEA IS A BAD IDEA.

They’re Canadian

whoopee cushion canadian flag

Source: flickr

Yup, the farting bag was invented at JEM Rubber Co. in Toronto.