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Genius Dad Makes Instructional Videos for Teens

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Raising Kids 101

Whether you’re a parent, know people who have kids, or even if you’re the kid yourself, we all know how it can be living with teenagers in the house. And the answer is, it isn’t easy.

From mood swings to pressure at school to stress from friends and extracurricular activities, teenagers are constantly being pushed at pulled from all sides, and their parents usually bear the brunt of it.

Worst of all, it probably feels like your teenagers never listen to you, or that they leave the house looking like a pigsty and expect you to clean up after them. But no more. British dad Will Reid decided enough was enough, and since his kids weren’t listening to him in person, he met them halfway by making a series of Teenage Instructional Videos on YouTube.

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Source: YouTube @Will Reid

Start the slideshow below to see Will’s clever videos for his kids James and Beth, and then SHARE with the teenagers (or their parents) in your life!

Toilet Roll Changing

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How do you get through a message to your kids when it feels like they’re never listening? Will Reid decided to take a new approach to help his kids keep the house neat by taking to social media to educate them.

For over a year, he’s been making step-by-step instructional videos to help his teens James and Beth with their everyday chores.

Dishwasher Loading

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The hilarious lessons are fairly simple, and Will maintains a serious tone while inanely teaching the viewer (and hopefully his kids) how to do simple household tasks like hanging loading the dishwasher. I wonder if they’ll need a new video for unloading it once the dishes are clean.