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Genius Dad Makes Instructional Videos for Teens

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Hanging Up Wet Towels

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The entire premise of Will’s videos cracks me up. I can only imagine that his kids were humiliated once these started going viral, and I bet that was a surefire way to keep them active around the house. I know I would be mortified if my parents displayed how messy my room is on the internet.

Turning Off Lights

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Have you heard of any parents taking similar approaches to educating their kids in terms of participating at home? This might just be the solution you or your friends need if nothing else seems to work for your sloppy teenagers.


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Clearly we’ve already moved on to a more advanced level of the course if we’re learning about vacuuming. Will considers it a section on “helping out around the house,” which goes beyond the kids’ immediate duties (like hanging up their own towels) and into the realm of more general responsibility.

Remember, don’t be afraid of the noise the vacuum makes, and you don’t need permission to use it! Feel free to vacuum any time.

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