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Get Out The Way! Bangkok’s Got Mobile Phone Lanes

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Do you live in a busy city? When I lived in New York I was like most other New Yorkers: Rushing and speed-walking, even if I didn’t have somewhere pressing to be. I’d get my blood pressure way up from getting frustrated by tourists taking pictures or looking at huge maps. Even more irritating is being stuck behind someone who is texting on their phone. Everyone does it, but stopping in your tracks or slowing your pace can be emotionally painful for those directly behind you. Especially if you live in a place where the sidewalks are already crowded. Sidewalk rage is just as prominent as road rage these days.


nyc sidewalk split for tourists

Source: Youtube @Improv Everywhere

I remember London proposing a splitting of sidewalks into lanes back in 2010. It was supposed to split commuters away from tourists and shoppers because their sidewalks were so congested. Of course doing something like that would have exacerbated London’s already prevalent pickpocketing problem.

Well Bangkok, Thailand has actually gone ahead and done what thousands of people have dreamed of: With the help of Toyota, they have divided a 500 meter walkway into cellphone friendly and cellphoneless lanes.

The idea for the split sidewalk was proposed by Bangkok’s Kasetsart University students for those sick of bumping into wandering smartphone users while hurrying to class. Those who tend to be engrossed with their phones while walking are asked to stay to the designated lane, for their own safety of course. The results are being monitored to see if the lanes diminish the amount of pedestrian accidents.

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Here’s a joke video of doing the same thing, but for tourists in NYC:

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