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Girl Details Her Journey Into the Tinder Abyss

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Tinder can be a terrifying place for a girl

Dating in the age of the dating app can be tricky: while it can help you locate and identify single people looking for love around you, it also opens up the door for freaks and geeks of all kinds to speak to you when they’re not even close to your league. Harsh, but true; I don’t know of any 24-year-old preppy college grad girls that want to hook up with the 60-year-old trucker who lives 300 miles away in the country. But these are the risks we take to find true love.

One Tinder lady documented that journey, and her tale shows what especially women have to put up with when navigating the murky waters of online dating. The lesson here, guys, is if we don’t respond to one of your messages, don’t send more, we’re not going to text you before meeting you, and we don’t want to see pictures of your penis. So stop being creepy, and fix your game if you want to get the girl.

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This Tinder horror story will thrill, shock, and disgust you.

Future Ex

weird tinder messages

Source: Imgur @thesorrycynic

So you’re saying that you’re looking for someone that looks just like your ex? No thanks. One should never begin a new relationship until they are pretty much completely over their last relationship, and it seems like this man may just be looking for her clone.

Felt Up

weird tinder messages

Source: Imgur @thesorrycynic

Because there’s nothing a young woman likes more than to be sexually assaulted by dudes. There’s a movement out there that’s trying to change men’s behavior towards women; women feel that far too many men just look at women as objects who are available to receive all of their strange and highly inappropriate comments and actions. But, guess what? We’re not. Pretty sure he can always pretend to be blind if he really wants to go around doing that.