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Girl Meets Her Future Ex-Husband on Tinder

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In love, out of love, whatever

If you’ve ever been on any sort of dating site or app, you know how hard it is to come up with a good opening line. “Hey” is so passively lame. Asking someone out in the initial message is a little creepy. Or you just get sexually rude requests from perverts with no tact. But sometimes two people instantly connect right off the bat. And in this speedy go-go-go day and age, a relationship can thrive or fail in a matter of seconds. This was the case with Imgur user meowmeowmulder. While most Tinder exchanges are boring or infuriating, she had the most hilarious conversation with a guy lightyears beyond their “relationship.”

couple holding broken hearts in front of faces

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Get ready to be jelly.

Right Outta the Gate

funny tinder text 01

Source: Imgur @meowmeowmulder

Equal Destruction

funny tinder text 02

Source: Imgur @meowmeowmulder