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Girl With Down Syndrome Is Blissful When Boyfriend Gives Her a Promise Ring

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She’s just so happy!

Ashley Greenhalgh thought that she was just celebrating her 21st birthday and her graduation from high school, but her boyfriend, Danny, had some bigger plans in store. Her reaction to his precious gift has since gone viral with millions of views. Ashley’s sister, Courtney, asked the internet to make Danny’s presentation of his gift go viral as a gift to the young couple who both have Down Syndrome, and the internet granted her wish. This is the whole story…

Danny Giffiths and Ashley Greenhalgh

Source: Facebook @Ashley Greenhalgh

This may be the cutest couple in history

A Family Outing

Courtney and Ashley Greenhalgh

Source: Facebook @Courtney Greenhalgh

Danny Griffiths and Ashley Greenhalgh were both born with Down Syndrome and a love for life. They were dating for two years so, of course, he was at her special birthday celebration attended by her family members and friends.

Ashley’s Birthday

Greenhalgh Family

Source: Facebook @Courtney Greenhalgh

Ashley and her family celebrated two events in her life at a luncheon: her 21st birthday and her high school graduation. As she sat opening presents and cards from her loved ones, there was one present she didn’t quite expect to receive sitting among them. She couldn’t have guessed what would happen next.