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GoT’s Maisie Williams Is Officially Awesome for Showing Up at a Random Viewing Party

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The Greatest Game of Thrones Party of All Time

Are you a big Game of Thrones fan? What’d you do for the Season 6 premiere?

A group of lucky film students got the surprise of their life when actress Maisie Williams, known for her role as Arya Stark on the show, showed up at their GoT party, making it quite possibly the coolest premiere that didn’t involve a red carpet.

We love Maisie. From her spunk to her sense of humor, the actress carries so much of herself in Arya–easily one of the coolest characters on the show–making her not only a fan favorite but a good role model as well.

After her night with the fans, she documented the entire process on her Instagram, taking us step by step through her big surprise, from buying snacks ahead of time to the moment of the big reveal. Why couldn’t this happen to us??

Her story begins: “Earlier today I put this out to everyone on Twitter… I wanted to find some unsuspecting fans and surprise them with drinks and snacks before the premiere tonight…”

maisie williams 1

Source: Instagram @maisie_williams

See what happened next!!

“I found a couple, Mark and Kate, film students…”

maisie williams 2

Source: Instagram @maisie_williams

“…who were throwing a party at their apartment, with a few friends. So at 8pm we left the hotel to go get snacks.”

“We saw (on Twitter) that Mark and Kate had already…”

maisie williams 3

Source: Instagram @maisie_williams

“…made Game of Thrones themed snacks, and decorated their apartment, but who doesn’t love extra popcorn and crisps?”