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Grandparents Who Are Failing at Technology

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You’ve just got to love grandparents. Not only are they old and wise, but their many years often entitle them to become just about as sassy as they very well please. Our whole lives we are told to respect our elders, so it only makes sense that by the time we make it up there in age, we don’t really care about what other people think.

A special shoutout goes to the grandparents who still try their best to keep up with the changing times. Whether they’re doing it for their families or because they have a lot of time on their hands, it’s always a big endeavor when grandparents try and master new technology.

Of course, when non-tech savvy grandparents go wild on Facebook or in the family group chat, hilarity ensues.

grandparents 1

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If you thought your parents were bad at technology, just check out these hilarious grandparent fails!

But he dialed all the right numbers…

grandparents 7

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Seems efficient!

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