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Graphic Newspaper Reports From the 1800s

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Make America great again?

Despite our current obsession with horror movies and over-the-top, sensationalized stories in mainstream media, newspapers today have pretty vague crime reports. Even though some horrific things happen around the country on a daily basis, the details are often not reported in the media.

This wasn’t always the case.

Back in the 1800s, newspapers went pretty in depth with the deets of violent incidents. Whether this was to sell papers or because life was much harsher than it is now, it’s very surprising how different reports were compared to today.

old time prisoners


Get ready for some graphic old time, stomach churning reportage…

Two Women Badly Cut.

old time woman

Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“Jacksonville, Fla. Meager details of a cutting affray at Orlando, Fla., reached this city last night. It seems that two brothers named Johnson, while drunk, went to a house of ill-fame and were refused admittance. The story runs that they burst in the door, were resisted by two women occupants, and knives of them. One woman, known as Lottie, was cut across the bowels so that her intestines fell out. The other, called Alice, was severely cut about the hips and stomach. Both men were arrested, and put under $5,000 bail to await the result of the injuries inflicted. It is thought that Lottie will die.”

A Baby’s Foot Bitten Off.

old time crying baby

Credit: General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

“Pittsburgh, Pa. Two ferocious bulldogs attacked the nurse and three-year old child of John Haening, of Allentown (a city suburb), yesterday afternoon while out for an airing. The nurse was badly bruised and scratched. One of the dogs seized the baby the food, biting it off at the ankle. The child will probably die.”